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            How to Green a Hospital

            Health care leaders look for ways to scale back an outsized carbon footprint.

            The New Anatomy

            Parts of the body are constantly being proposed or discovered. Where do they come from?

            Anatomy of a Hashtag

            Public health messaging online yields beautiful—but sometimes worrying—data.

            The Village Without Memory

            In France, a home for people with dementia is designed from the ground up.

            To Choose Death

            Oregon’s Death With Dignity Act crosses the 20-year mark.

            In Passing

            How does a hospital keep patient details from getting lost in the shuffle?

            To Catch a Protein

            The world of protein imaging undergoes a chilly revolution.

            The Next Zika

            Vaccines are most helpful before an epidemic hits. So which diseases should researchers prepare for next?


            A software platform from Apple is helping medical researchers collect health data from any iPhone user

            White Coats

            The standard garb of the physician comes with surprising risks and benefits.

            Unsound the Alarm

            Hundreds of alarms compete for a clinician's attention. Can less noise mean better care?

            Babel in the ICU

            Machines in an ICU can't speak to one another—but what if they could?

            The Changes We've Seen

            Proto looks at trends in health care during the last 10 years.

            Born Too Soon

            Despite steady declines over the past decade, the U.S. still has one of the highest preterm birthrates in the developed world.

            An Outbreak Told in Genomes

            Rapid genetic sequencing maps an Ebola outbreak in fine detail.

            20 Years After Apartheid

            In the 1980s physician Miguel Ribeiro took stunning photographs of his South African patients. How has the nation’s health care fared in the years since?

            Grand Theft Medical

            The move to electronic medical records may be helping identity thieves.

            Living Anatomy

            Artist Danny Quirk paints the living structures of the body on live models.

            The Lost Ward

            Beds for psychiatric care are steadily declining. What can be done?

            From MRI to Bronze Sculpture

            Artists use medical scans of tumors to make stunning, informative sculptures

            An Imperfect 10

            Often ridiculed, ICD-10 may relieve some diagnostic and billing headaches. But implementation will bring complications.

            A New Epidemic Model

            SARS led to the discovery of "super-spreaders," who can infect dozens of people. They also exist, it appears, in other infectious diseases.

            The Rise of Medical School Debt

            The soaring cost of medical school may be driving graduates away from primary care and into high-paying specialty practices.

            Making Up Disaster

            All the terrifying world's a stage, and artists borrow tools of the theater to give models in drills remarkably lifelike wounds and burns.

            Just Doing Their Jobs

            When two bombs exploded at the Boston Marathon, a painstakingly rehearsed emergency response plan sprang into action.

            A Premium on Gender

            Insurers attribute higher premiums for women than men of the same age because of the increased cost of women’s care.

            Counting the Losses

            New York City’s medical research community picks up the pieces after Hurricane Sandy destroys decades of work.

            Going Airborne

            A computer model reveals why some airports might be better spreaders of contagious disease than others.

            Efficiency for ORs

            Hospitals around the nation have adopted ways to help alleviate delays in operating rooms.

            A Potent History

            A timeline of pivotal testosterone therapy events through history.

            The New Gene Pool

            Sage Bionetworks, a nonprofit research organization, encourages collaboration and the exchange of ideas among scientists.

            The Genome’s Dark Matter

            From architecture to function, the ENCODE project’s researchers are filling in the gaps in our understanding of human genetics.

            A Beautiful Mind

            Employing ingenuity, technology and an artist's eye, scientists interpret and elucidate the brain's stunning complexity.

            Cheating the System

            From mishandled stolen shipments to repackaged fakes to scammers diluting medications, there are multiple ways phony pharmaceuticals get in the supply chain.

            Cataloguing Environmental Toxins

            From lead to mercury to trichloromethane, we’re awash in chemicals, but researchers are still trying understand how our exposure affects us.

            A Brief History of Staph

            Charting the progression of today’s hospital terror.